Friday, June 24, 2005


I admit. I am a young old man, and I am not ashamed to be found in the presence of those who have lived in the glorious days of this still-floundering Republic, nor am I ashamed to admit that I actually desire to live in Sta Cruz once I have the chance.

But for now, while I neither have both chance and opportunity except to hear Mass in Sta Cruz or chat with my favorite Capampangan old-money seller near the foot of the bridge, I hark back to days gone by by visiting this lovely site: PUPU PLATTER: {a delectable selection of oriental appetizers}

Image hosted by
From Filipinas: 1847 by Jose Honorato Lozano (Manila: Ars Mundi, Philippinae, 2002.Hardcover, 285 pagesPhp 4,300.00, US $86.00ISBN 9719258101)

Proves that not only is the past exciting and fun, it still does matter in this age of ignorance and disgrace.


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